And they're off!! February 02 2016

2015 ended with a bang...

As 2015 came to a close, our eleven sponsored secondary students not just completed Form 1 (the first year of secondary school), but EXCELLED, with seven of the students ranking within the top 13 of their class!  Mery, Doris, Jesca, and Calvin finished out the year at Edmund Rice (boarding) Secondary School in Arusha and Godfriend, Isaac, Jennifer, Jostina, Daniel, Nice and Nickson concluded the school year at Nkoarisambu Secondary School.  All are candidates to continue their education next year in Form 2!  We are so grateful to their sponsors for continuing to invest in a brighter future for these amazing children!

At Peace Matunda Primary School, eight students completed Standard 7 (the final year of primary school).  All of these students passed their national exams and were looking forward to starting secondary school in 2016.  Two of those students, Alex and Faraja are orphaned and have lived at Peace Matunda Orphanage for over 5 years.  They both performed well on the rigorous entrance exams and interviews at Edmund Rice (boarding) Secondary School and we are proud to announce that they were accepted for Form1.  Of the remaining six students, all live with family in the local village and four are in need of school scholarships in order to continue their studies at the next level.  

2016 brings brighter futures...

In January, Mery, Doris, Jesca, and Calvin were joined by Alex and Faraja at Edmund Rice Secondary School.  Steven, Loveness, Meshack and Silas began a new chapter in their lives as they joined Godfriend, Isaac, Jennifer, Jostina, Daniel, Nice, and Nickson at Nkoarisambu Secondary School.  

In the United States, starting middle school may signal new independence, greater responsibility, more intense studies. Every child is expected to attend- required to attend.  In Tanzania, starting middle school (or secondary school) is a privilege afforded to few.  It can signify the difference between living life above or below the international poverty line of $1.25 per day.  It opens doors, especially to women, reducing fertility rates and allowing women to enter marriage, older and more mature.  It can be a way out- out of poverty, out of hardship, out of despair, bringing hope and opportunity. In Tanzania, starting secondary school is a momentous step towards a brighter future.  

We are so proud of the seventeen students enrolled in the 2016 secondary school year and we are beyond grateful for all the sponsors, our supporters and the amazing staff at Peace Matunda for making this possible!


Jesca, Mery, Doris, Faraja, Alex and Calvin (along with friends Maggie and Corfield) at the start of school this year.

2015 Peace Matunda Primary School graduates.  All are attending secondary school in 2016.

And they're off!!  Alex and Faraja, all packed for their first year of secondary school!

The ladies!  Maggie, Doris, Jesca, Mery.