School Scholarships

Peace by Piece is currently sponsoring 44 middle and high school students.  Of these scholarship recipients, 9 are attending boarding schools. The remainder attend a local government day-school.  

Options for secondary school include:

A) Private/boarding middle school in Arusha:

Middle school in Tanzania consists of a four-year program.  The top performers in  grade 7 classes as well as the orphaned and vulnerable children requiring boarding will interview and take entrance exams at local private boarding schools.   They offer a wide variety of classes and extracurricular activities. While the quality education is excellent, this option is more costly.  Schools fees, living and school supplies, uniforms, and room & board typically cost around $1,000 per student for the first year and $800 annually for grades 9-11.  Sponsors should plan to commit to supporting these students for the entirety of secondary school.  If you are interested in sponsoring a student or would like to inquire further, please contact us at 

Peace by Piece is currently sponsoring 9 boarding students.

B) Local government middle school:

While school fees for the first 4 years of secondary school were eliminated by the Tanzanian government in 2016, costs of uniforms, school supplies, lunches and additional expenses continue to make school unaffordable for many.   Form 1 (equivalent to the 8th grade in the USA) fees and supplies costs $250 and Forms 2-4 (9th-11th grades) cost $50 annually. The majority of the scholarship recipients attending local government secondary schools live with their family in the local village.

Peace by Piece is currently sponsoring 35 day students at government secondary schools.


Peace by Piece is currently in the process of identifying sponsors for the children. General donations will be combined to provide scholarships for children without sponsors. Student applications are due November 15th and recipients will be announced early December.  Scholarships will be academic and needs based with input from administration at the various schools.