Secondary school!! January 15 2015

The time has come!  The 2014 primary school graduates are off to secondary school! Mery, Calvin, Doris have started school at Edmund Rice in Arusha.  We are so grateful to their sponsors!  (Magreth, Shila, and Jesca are also off to secondary school and continue to be supported by their primary school sponsors- thank you!!)

Seven day students have also been granted PbP scholarships to Nkoarisambu Secondary school!  Daniel, Isaac, Jennifer, Jostina, Moses, Nice and Godfriend are living with family and attending school 2km from Peace Matunda.

School supplies, text books and uniforms have been supplied to all the children.  We wish them all the best!!

Nkoarisambu day students!  From left Jackie James (Project coordinator) Isaac, Nice, Nixon, Jostina, Kaaya Unambwe (Founder of Peace Matunda), Jennifer, Godfriend, Daniel, Wariambora Kaaya (School Manager at Peace Matunda.)

Amani House kids off to school!  From Left: Wariambora Kaaya (School Manager at Peace Matunda), Shila, Mery, Doris, Magreth, Calvin, Corfield, Kaaya (Founder of PM)

Jesca was accepted to a prestigious, government boarding school!  Congratulations Jesca!