General Donations

All donations are currently allocated towards building dormitories at Nkoarisambu Secondary School to house orphaned and vulnerable students on scholarship.

The first graduating class from Peace Matunda’s primary school is eligible to enroll in secondary school in January 2015.  It is our goal to have dormitories built on the grounds of the Nkoarisambu secondary school (approximately 2 km from Peace Matunda) by that time.  We are planning to build two dorms, one male and one female.  A local contractor has provided a total cost estimate of approximately $55,000 total to build both dorms.

Upon completion of the dormitories, donations will be allocated to secondary school scholarships (awards will be granted based on need and extraordinary academic achievement) for the children from Peace Matunda Orphanage and the local community. $350 will provide education, housing, 3 meals a day, clothing, and school supplies for one child for a year.

Additionally, PbP plans to fund smaller-scale projects at both Peace Matunda and Nkoarisambu secondary school, such as building libraries, providing much-needed mosquito nets and providing teacher-training.